• One tiny seed keeps infinite power and living will inside
    It can cross the limitation of time, looks for the proper growing conditions to sprout.
    Just like the ancient lotus seed,
    today we only give the proper growing conditions then we can have [ancient lotus flower in our hands] as a [time miracle].
    Customer's [idea] is a tiny seed expects our [service] can make it to sprout.

  • One tiny seed keeps inflexible believe and strength inside
    It can cross the limitation of space, looks for the proper relative conditions to grow up.
    Just like the Netherlands tulip seed,
    now we only give the proper relative conditions then we can have [Netherlands tulip flower in our hands] as a [space miracle].
    Our [job] is tiny seed expects customers [demand] can make it to grow up.

    Twenty first century
    is a extremely important time and space to humankind;
    is a era that Macroscopic and Microcosmic have to be run in same thing and same time;
    is a time that very fast changing between thinking and doing;
    is a condition for supply and command order rapid adjustment all the time;
    is a century for more different human races and cultures to be re-union again;
    is a time and space gallery for human jump to make our many human dreams come true.

    On this [perfect and special space and time], Yokefellow EnterpriseCorp. is willing to serve more seriously attitude and willing to upgrade our service quality to our relative industries. Hoping through our update professional and divers international trade and import & export jobs to achieve the expectations for all of us will be [Yoke] / [Fellow] / [Yokefellow].

    Your any further idea / instruction / feedback is appreciated.
    Best Regards

    Yoke : A bar or frame of wood by which two draft animals [esp. oxen], are joined at the heads or necks for working together.
    Fellow : A companion / comrade / share / one of pair.
    Yokefellow : A close companion / a mate.

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